Friday, June 25, 2010

Tattoo Plays

Tattoo Plays

AUTHOR: divineastro




Hi people this is the first story am going to submit. I will try to put my full effort in making it an erotic one. Come lets fly into the story keep away all your works surely this will wet your dress.. To introduce me am a tattoo artist from Chennai a famous person and rich too.. I entered film industry somehow and this was my experience with a model (looks like Priety Zinda) so let me call her pretty from now hmmm most would have started rubbing their private parts on hearing the name I hope... ..ya me too did it when I heard the opportunity and the places where I should draw tattoo.. ya it over pretty hips just around her belly button and whole of her back.. I shocked hearing it and was given the material to draw me was sent into an ac room and was informed that pretty will come soon... my mind was on enjoying pretty but, She s a celeb and will she have with me one more question came? Me waited for nearly one hour.. imagine what all I would have thick my penis was all erect the whole time.. suddenly I heard a knock on the door.. . and the door opened.. it was the beauty. Preity how to describe hr no words.. just what a Gods creation.. she came in a beautiful black saree and sleeveless blouse.. what a sight she was standing near the door me completely out of the world can’t believe my eyes... oohhhhh I love Preity..She was in loose hair which added the beauty... Suddenly I came back to world when she asked "r u the tattoo artist" what a voice ohh chanceless man.. ya ya I replied.. she closed the door locked it and came to me.. sat on the chair and was relaxing for some time.. me really fainted . . started to speak with her,.. the first thing I told was "mam u r gorgeous" she gave hr hallmark smile wit dimple/.... After some time she asked shall v start the work.. ya I told and she immediately laid on the bed.. me don’t know hw to start was fully blank.. She asked my name was casually talking and asked "arre yaar for what r u waiting still" I told that I was instructed to draw on ur hips around ur belly button.. she smiled and told what should I do fr tat nw.. I told in a low tone " ... saree..." she told "is it the problem and put her saree off.." what a sight...I was about to faint .. Those hips which I use to see in TV those hips which dreamt while masturbating is now before me... wow what a sight.. I didn’t start the work yet and she asked again man what’s the problem now...


I told I was instructed to draw a figure around your belly button.. so would u lower your petty coat a bit..."On hearing this she sat on bed and her aroma made me mad but I controlled... she had loosen her petticoat and pulled it down.. and asked "do u want anything more to be done" I told no mam I will start.. she told good boy and gave a tap on my cheek, No words to explain people sorry. And I started my work.. I should first clean the area with a chemical.. so I dipped a cotton on tat chemical and started cleaning her hips... this was the sound from her "mmmm" a soft moan.. .I was out of world again and I started my work.. . drew a the thing which I was given..suddenly a drop of paint fell into the umbilicus... I don’t know what to do ..  I left my index finger into the hole to take off the paint... "ahhhhh she moaned and caught hold the bed sheet... And screamed hey man what r u doing..." I told mam pa..paint fell into your umbilicus mam and I cleaned it" I cleaned the paint from my lovable Preity what an experience. I can’t I want to do it one more time so I took bit of water to put my finger into her belly button again.. and circled it.. aaaaaahh she moaned and raised her legs,.. I took this opportunity mine and told"mam don raise your legs" I was waiting to raise her legs again so that I could touch it/.... After finishing the figure below her belly button I went close to it and gave a blow.... A blow of hot air to the sexy hips. To my blow she this time reacted more she shouted are same what r u doing and mmmmm was her moan.. and she raised her legs this time I took courage and placed my hands over her thigh and pressed it .. Wow what a feeling a soft one wow this feeling wit her petticoat on.. I was in dream how it would feel without petticoat this made me horny and I pressed her thigh ... she moaned again and told " first finish the tattoo Sam" ohhhh is it the green signal for me or a red signal? I don’t know and I continued the tattoo works.. now I was to draw the rest of the figure above her belly button.. I can draw it from the place where am sit now, Near her foot end now my mind alarmed me go up mam .. it’s a chance to see her beautiful boobs. And I went up sat to the right of her exactly op to her right mountain.. but there was a gap which I wanted to be no more.. so my mind was in work again.. I kept the paint box on the other side and wontedly spilled some paint on the bed and told "mam move this side pl paint got spilled" and she moved .. I pretended and me moved away from her as she moved towards me in this act I was about to fall down from bed and she suddenly took her arm around my hips and pulled me... a double treat for me..


The sexiest hands on my hips pressing it and the  right boob is in touch with my side... aaaaahh I moaned inside what a treat.. I saw her face and its again the hallmark sexy seducing what to describe the dimple I saw ! I told thanks mam and continued my work.. I finished the tattoo there and bend down with my one hand on bed op to her left boob and other near her hip I slowly went down and blow her sexy navel from above and I hope surely it would have aroused her.. She reacted with a moan aaaaammmm and lifted her thorax up.. wow what a moment the best part of my life ya ya her boob came up and gave a soft touch to my biceps... Aiyooo its killing me even now if I think of it.. even though later I enjoyed each part of her twin tower this touch was the best. No chance after I finished my tattoo on her hips she told "Sam I want to see it" ok mam I replied and showed her the big mirror in the room.. she was about to get up and my heart was beating fasts? You know the reason ya her petticoat knot s Open... I was imagining the scene.. meanwhile she sat on bed and put her knot tight and then stood.. I was fully disappointed... saw her face again her sexy a1 smile made me aroused.. me too stood up.. she slowly went to and stood in front of the mirror admiring her beauty.. and me standing at her back.. I could see both her cute little ass her sexy long hair and also her little mountains and the tattoo in her hips all at the same time.. what would be my position seeing this people do think.. I nearly fainted want to hug the sexy women suck her ear lobes and massage her boobs,...aaaaaa moaned me again inside.. I was breathing heavily suddenly I heard the voice of the beauty queen... " Sam, u have made my hips more sexy mm good work dude" she said and added am going to give u a prize for this... I was in seventh heaven thickening what prize it would be.. Then preity turned to me taking her hair with her hands in style now she I approaching me .. man I can die for her now she is near me.. with her hair turned up one side and with the same sexy dimple and tight fitting blouse covering her sexy boobs and her aroma made me mad.. I can feel sweat drops dripping inside my tortoise t shirt and the heat spreading all over me... She took my hands and her lips on it mmuuuuuwwaaaaaahhh ..this s your prize Aam she told.. just this much was my inside reply and am very much happy even for this.. after kissing she made her move towards the bed and I was starring at the lip marks in my hand again out of my world.. I kept my lips on the mark and enjoyed t..aaaahhhhh... I called hr mam she turned with her free hair dancing in air.. me told now am goin to continue my tattoo on your back .. she told ok Sam I will lie down with my back up.. I told mam.. and a big pause..." I want to draw on your back and.... Ur blouse blouse will disturb it.. mmmm she said turn to that side Sam.. I did tat.. after some time she called me Sam


I turned she was in bed with a black lacy bra... wow what a back she has.... I guessed god has played in her creation. U can continue she told.. I went and sat on the bed near her thigh and was about to start my work and she called me again.. "Sam here keep my blouse it the chair she gave, I got it as she was turned down I smelled it aaahhhhh the aroma made my penis nearly burst.. I didn’t keep it oh chair but I keep it on... On my thigh and pressed my penis wit it. Then I started my work.. I told "mam your bra should also be...." She replied "ok Sam unhook it and keep wide but u man don’t touch the strap" it was my golden opportunity.. I hurried up .. placed my hands on her back and tried to unhook it .. but I could, The I pulled her bra from undies to make its hook bit loose and she was moaning I think my act would have squeezed her breast mmaaaa she moaned and I pressed her back and finally removed it.. And I finally succeeded in the work of remain her bra hooks....separated her bra wow I had the wonderful sight of seeing my dream girls back for the first time. Hay man mmmmm no chance... And one more hindrance to draw tattoo on her back and it’s her hair.. this time I dint ask her I myself placed my palm on her back and pushed her hair to fall to the gap between her shoulder and neck... still few hair was sticking to her back I took them all one by one and had a chance to press her back and feel it with my finger and each time I press the wheat skin of her back she moaned mmmaaaahh which my already erect penis to hit my dress...then I continued my work.. took the chemical which I used to clean b4 tattooing.. dip cotton into it and took it to rub on her back .. suddenly the evil sexy Sam inside me hit hard.. and I threw the cotton took the chemical in my palm and placed it on her back directly over the place where the hooks were there and started spreading it .without knowledge when I was doing this my little finger touched her bare breasts ... Oh what a feeling ..she responded with a long moan mmaaaaahhhh and buried her face into the pillow pulling the bed sheet in her hands...she s too hot I told to me and started to paint. I finished half the painting on back suddenly she told Sam am getting headache could u massage who the hell wilt el no to this question.. suddenly I told yes mam and went to wash my hands.. I was seeing her from the mirror in front of the wash basin.. Preity sat up dint put her bra hooks to my surprise she lowered her bra a bit making me to have a clear view of her boobs. washed my hands came to her and


I started massaging her slowly and she was seduced by the way I massaged I hope she took her hands and kept in my hips and started pressing it ....and to my luck I was seein her boobs clearly and I could also see a bit of her jet black areola from the top ..suddenly I put one of my hands down and made the water on my hand to drop down it fell exactly where I wanted it too.... Yes it fell over her right breast I didn't even give time for her to realize it took my hands fast and cleaned it with my fingers eeeehhhhh Sam aaaaahhhh pressing my hips hard and moving her hands to my thigh asked what u doing and I know she s out of control I replied mam water fell over there so cleaned it.. with a smile of success in my face I continued my work.. suddenly my phone rang I took it from my pocket and attended it was the senor director told me shooting got cancelled so need draw tattoo and told me to leave.. with lots and lots of disappointment I kept the phone Preity got my phone suddenly was seeing it.. I told mam shooting got cancelled am to leave u massage man she ordered me and that was the time of the century she kept my phone inside my pocket and while taking her hand out she jus rubbed my penis all over then took her hand out,... aaahhhh I moaned and pulled her hair In pleasure. she stopped it and told ok Sam v can leave..


I was totally upset kept al my kits in the bag soon suddenly she stopped me and told "." A silence and told Sam know the shooting has been cancelled and your tattoo is a waste rite she told and again a pause. So u clean it and she proceeded towards the bathroom on the way her loosen the knot of her petticoat at it ran down along her silky legs and fell to ground . I was stunned and freeze she shouted come on Sam soon come in its cool without dress and I went in..


To be continued...